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If you know someone who uses meth, urge him or her to get help. If you're using meth--stop! The longer you ignore the real facts, the more chances you take with your life.


Methamphetamine has a phenomenal rate of addiction, with some experts saying users can get hooked after just one use. It’s not enough to just put the traffickers of drugs in jail, we need to help those who suffer addiction to heal. Only by breaking that cycle of demand can we bring lasting change to the entire community. We must look to treatment and alternative sentencing procedures, like drug courts and restorative justice, for non-violent users.

Even small amounts of meth can produce serious negative effects on you body such as hyperthermia and convulsions, which can sometimes result in death to the user. Cardiovascular effects include chest pain, hypertension and can result in cardiovascular collapse and death.

Methamphetamine is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol. Another common form of the drug is called crystal meth, or "ice," because it comes in large chunky crystals that look like ice chunks or rock candy. The powder form of the drug may be snorted, swallowed, or diluted and injected. The "crystal" form of the drug is smoked in a glass pipe like crack cocaine.

Meth is made in America as well as internationally

Unlike heroin, cocaine, or Ecstasy, it is produced here within our borders. We can’t blame other countries for this problem.

Meth is not just a big city problem

Meth has become the most dangerous drug problem of small-town America. Traffickers make and distribute the drug in some of our country’s most rural areas. Twelve to fourteen year olds that live in smaller towns are 104% more likely to use meth than those who live in larger cities.

"Tabletop" labs on the increase

One of the reasons meth is such a threat in rural America is because it is cheap and easy to make. Drugs that can be bought over the counter at local stores are mixed with other common ingredients to make meth. Small labs to cook the drug can be set up on tables in kitchens, countertops, garages or just about anywhere. Although superlabs, operated by sophisticated traffickers still supply the majority of meth, these smaller tabletop labs have increased exponentially in the last decade, setting an alarming trend.

Meth hurts not just individuals, but families, neighborhoods and entire communities

Meth is a powerfully addictive and violent drug. Its use can result in fatal kidney and lung disorders, brain damage, liver damage, chronic depression, paranoia and other physical and mental disorders. Recent studies have demonstrated that meth causes more damage to the brain than alcohol, heroin, or cocaine.

Environmental harm: The chemicals used to make meth are toxic, and the lab operators routinely dump waste into streams, rivers, fields, and sewage systems. The chemical vapors produced during cooking permeate the walls and carpets of houses and buildings, making them uninhabitable. Cleaning up these sites requires specialized training and costs an average of $2,000-$4,000 per site in funds that come out of the already-strained budgets of state and local police.

Hundreds of children are neglected every year after living with parents who are meth “cooks.” More than 20% of the meth labs seized last year had children present.

Meth Lab


Methamphetamine affects your brain. In the short term, meth causes mind and mood changes such as anxiety, euphoria, and depression, irritability, sleeplessness, increaded physical activity, violence, heavy sweating, acne, dry mouth and or bad breath, jaw clenching, dilated pupils, loss of appetite, weight loss, increased breath rate, elevated body temperature, increased blood pressure, sores and skin infections and seizures . Long-term effects can include chronic fatigue, paranoid or delusional thinking, and permanent psychological damage,Tooth decay, Anxiety,paranoia, insomnia, Inability to function socially, Psychotic behavior and violence, Auditory hallucinations and delusions, Homicidal or suicidal thoughts, Elevated blood pressure, Lowered resistance to disease, Strokes, Heart infections, Lung disease, Kidney damage, Liver damage, Lead poisoning, Brain damage similar to Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, Premature delivery when used during pregnancy, Babies born to women who use suffer cardiac defects, cleft palate, and other birth defects, Increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C andDeath

Methamphetamine affects your body. Over "amping" on any type of speed is pretty risky. Creating a false sense of energy, these drugs push the body faster and further than it's meant to go. It increases the heart rate, blood pressure, and risk of stroke.

Methamphetamine affects your self-control. Meth may be as addictive as crack and more powerful.

Methamphetamine can kill you. An overdose of meth can result in heart failure. Long-term physical effects such as liver, kidney, and lung damage may also kill you.


Inability to sleep, Increased sensitivity to noise, Nervous physical activity, like scratching, Irritability, dizziness, or confusion, Extreme anorexia, Tremors or even convulsions, Increased heart rate, blood pressure, and risk of stroke, Presence of inhaling paraphernalia, such as razor blades, mirrors, and straws, Presence of injecting paraphernalia, such as syringes, heated spoons, or surgical tubing.


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 In a Times article it was reported that 1 out of 10 people, in the age group 20 to 35, are addicted to some type of drug or alcohol. Drug and alcohol abuse is seeing a rapid growth in the US and in Canada.



  Detroit, Chicago,    L.A. New York, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver and Seattle just to name a few are losing the war on drug and alcohol abuse. ---

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