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     There are many different types of treatment options . The difference between them can sometimes be great, though, they are all trying to achieve the same thing! A drug free, productive member of society. But how do we know which one is right ? This is one of the questions that lays hard on the heart or a person searching for the right treatment. 

     The only way to determine what treatment option is right for a person is by giving the DRUG FREE AT LAST counselor all the data regarding your affliction with drugs or alcohol. Once we have all the facts we can start looking at the best options available to help you in the best possible manner. '

     The process of matching the treatment with the individual is the first and most important step and this is where we shine the most. Our staff has audited several different models of treatment and have a very close working relationship with several treatment facilities that offer different types of treatment.  

      At the bottom of the page you will find several different links to program descriptions so you can gain a working knowledge of the types of treatment that is available just remember these are only overviews of the programs available and only a sampling. Remember, this is where we come in, our knowledgeable staff with many years of experience in dealing with addiction can help. .Our staff, at DRUG FREE AT LAST, will help take the guess work out of treatment trial and errors causing relapses and more depression.

     When do you give up on a person? The correct answer is, Never. The reason a person relapses some say is that: he didn't work the program. I don't buy that for a minute and either should you. The reason a person relapses is not that they didn't work the program it's that the program didn't work for them. 

      Most people when they are in a drug rehab facility do their best and make the most of it. When a person leaves a program with an aspect of their life or problem not handled this is when the relapse occurs. To have a program or drug rehab facility tell you that you failed because you didn't work the program, well, that is not the program you should try again. If this is the case then you should really look at what types of treatment you have tried and find a treatment facility or program that handles all aspects of addiction.


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 In a Times article it was reported that 1 out of 10 people, in the age group 20 to 35, are addicted to some type of drug or alcohol. Drug and alcohol abuse is seeing a rapid growth in the US and in Canada.



  Detroit, Chicago,    L.A. New York, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver and Seattle just to name a few are losing the war on drug and alcohol abuse. ---

  There are more and more people looking and finding help on the internet. DRUG FREE AT LAST is one of the most effective web sites . It's purpose is to help families and addicts alike find the right rehab program and faculty. DRUG FREE AT LAST has helped hundreds of people find peace of mind and help during those trying times.


  We do understand your dilemma we have been there. Just click on the state of your choosing and fill out the form and within 24 hours one of our counselors will contact you and help you save your loved one.

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