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Rapid Detox

     Drug and Alcohol Detoxification has long been accepted as an essential, although often difficult, first step towards recovery from addiction. In the absence of professional medical assistance, most will fail in an attempt to free themselves from the grip of drug and/or alcohol addiction. Successful detoxification is essential before long term recovery can begin.

     Detox is not a "cure" for addiction. Detoxification is the first step in a process that is necessary to engage oneself in rehabilitation. Designed to reduce withdrawal symtoms for individuals dependant on heroin, methadone, Oxycontin, opium, Percocet / Percodan or codeine, anesthesia assisted opiate detoxification allows for engagement in a variety of aftercare programs aimed at placing drug addiction into remission.

       Purpose of Rapid Detox

     The purpose of Rapid Detox is simple, to reduce, minimize, or eliminate all together, the signs and symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal. This decreases the chances of relapse and increases the likely hood of a full recovery.

     Rapid Detox is not intended to replace a fully comprehensive treatment and recovery program. It is simply "a 'procedure' designed to help an individual tolerate the withdrawal symptoms from opiates with much greater comfort."

     "Anesthesia Assisted Opiate Detoxification" is the first step, representing only the beginning of a long process of healing and recovery. Once an individual is 'clean' of opiates, it is always recommended they make some form of counseling their next step in the recovery process. Aftercare is a paramount component of the recovery process!

       A Detox Center Near You...

     Let Addiction no more Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation assist you in locating a detox center near you that utilizes our exclusive rapid detox procedure to remove the root causes of future physical drug re-stimulation.


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 In a Times article it was reported that 1 out of 10 people, in the age group 20 to 35, are addicted to some type of drug or alcohol. Drug and alcohol abuse is seeing a rapid growth in the US and in Canada.



  Detroit, Chicago,    L.A. New York, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver and Seattle just to name a few are losing the war on drug and alcohol abuse. ---

  There are more and more people looking and finding help on the internet. DRUG FREE AT LAST is one of the most effective web sites . It's purpose is to help families and addicts alike find the right rehab program and faculty. DRUG FREE AT LAST has helped hundreds of people find peace of mind and help during those trying times.


  We do understand your dilemma we have been there. Just click on the state of your choosing and fill out the form and within 24 hours one of our counselors will contact you and help you save your loved one.

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