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      Well, first we must define the word, Webster's dictionary defines it as: to get or find again, to retrieve, to bring back to normal condition, to regain health or any other state or condition. 

      When we are in a state of recovery we  find ourselves trying to gain back what we have forgotten or lost. For most, this is a loss of reality and trying to escape reality. 

      The first step of recovery should be getting help. This is something that is hard to do, to admit we have a problem. This is the first and largest leap you will take. It is hard to ask for help and if we could do it on our own then we wouldn't have had drugs in our lives in the first place. 

      Once we have the help to overcome this we then need to find out what the problem or circumstances are that led us up to the point of being addicted. When this is found and handled the process can start . This may sound simple, but, for everyone it is different and can be very hard to handle. This is why you have help from someone that can and will be there for you. 

      The next step is finding out how not to fall into the trap of addiction again. This can be handled in many different ways. The disconnection of the old person or habits is imperative this is not saying the person must become a new person, but, that the way we handle things needs to be looked at and changed. Most people that are addicted to drugs run from their problems and hide behind drugs or alcohol. This is what gets us caught by our loved ones and friends and as the cycle of addiction progresses the problems get bigger. 

     When we first started to do drugs the situation that led us to use is most often a problem or situation that we felt we couldn't handle. It is easy to be accepted by the group of people that use drugs they will accept anyone, misery loves company.  As our addictions progressed so did our problems. Funny how that happens isn't it. 

       When a person gets clean of the drugs in their system and handles the problems of not falling back into the same old habits and routines the next question is, am I recovered? Well, that is a question that has been debated since the first person became addicted. When is an addict not an addict anymore? That is up to the person or addict. 

     Some people believe that once an addict always an addict. Others believe that once you have handled the current addiction problem you are no longer an addict. There is even another school of thought that says once you have recovered from addiction you can fall back easily you still need to be on you guard. All of these can work for the individual it just depends on what you want to use for your recovery.

      It is very important to have a good support group in your corner, someone that has been through their own addiction and can offer some sense of hope and help in times of need. When will a person stop thinking about using drugs or alcohol? This could be tomorrow, next week, next year or never.

      The thought of using drugs may never go away but it is what we do with that thought that counts. We can't be judged by our thoughts and if we could most of the population would be in jail. In order to help with the recovery process we need to find something to do with the time that you used to spend using, finding and waiting for drugs, boredom can be a recovery killer. This can be done in several ways. We need to find out what it is that you used to do besides drugs for fun and entertainment. Once you have discovered it go and do it and have some fun.

      Life after drugs can be the most wonderful thing you have ever experienced. Think of it this way, can it get any worse everything after the miserable experience of being addicted is better, even the problems in life are not so big once compared to having an addiction and being a drug addict.

      When you have overcome drug addiction there is nothing that you can't do. Yes, now you can be anything you want to be, but, only if you put as much energy into life as you did trying to get high or drunk. Just think of the possibilities. So start on that road now. Lets see what happens. You can make it and be recovered.

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 In a Times article it was reported that 1 out of 10 people, in the age group 20 to 35, are addicted to some type of drug or alcohol. Drug and alcohol abuse is seeing a rapid growth in the US and in Canada.



  Detroit, Chicago,    L.A. New York, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver and Seattle just to name a few are losing the war on drug and alcohol abuse. ---

  There are more and more people looking and finding help on the internet. DRUG FREE AT LAST is one of the most effective web sites . It's purpose is to help families and addicts alike find the right rehab program and faculty. DRUG FREE AT LAST has helped hundreds of people find peace of mind and help during those trying times.


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